Meeting Agenda - June 20, 2023


Board Meeting of June 20, 2023

5:30 p.m.  -  Jourdanton Community Center


5:30 Call meeting to order (Sign-in sheet)

Reading/Approval of the prior meeting minutes

Introduction of new members and guests

Announcements and Member Updates

5:40 Presidents Report

A brief update on current affairs and important matters, achievements, challenges, or upcoming events

Treasurer's report

5:50 Committee Reports 

    v Membership

    v Community

    v Education

    v Executive

6:05 Old business:

    v Signs on HWY 97 & 16. Action required (see pictures)

    v Marquee (Review new information if available)

    v City Sidewalk Grant Support (Updates)

6:15 New business:

    v Nominations for Officers (2023 -2024) to be voted in July 2023

6:20 Discussion Items

    v Expansion of table placement program – To City Park Pavilion


6:30 Adjournment 

Meeting Agenda - June 20, 2023
Jourdanton Chamber of Commerce, Ronnie J Pitts 20 June, 2023
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