Meeting Minutes for 7/18/2023

Jourdanton Chamber of Commerce

July 18, 2023

The Jourdanton of Commerce met Tuesday, July 18, 2023, at 5:30 pm at the Jourdanton Community Center.

The following were present:

Directors: Mary Cardenas, Jeff Chicoine, Annie DeLaO, Jack Harrison, Jeanette Harrison, Michele Higginbotham, Susan Netardus, Ronnie Pitts, Karen Rakowitz, Joyce Steinle, Sandy Steinle.

Members: Karen Pesek, Wendy Pitts.

Guests: none.

Minutes: Moved by Jeff, seconded by Susan. Passed.

Treasurer’s Report: Details removed from public site.  Presented by Annie. Moved by Jeff, seconded by Susan, passed.

Announcements. None.

President’s Report. *Ronnie attended a workshop held by AACOG concerning Economic Development for the county and gave a report on what he experienced.

Committee Reports

Membership: Jeff – No new members. He did talk to AACOG about their interest in the community.

Community: Michele – Has been in contact with Mr. Ernst of AEP about help with banners on lamp posts. Another event for chamber involvement is the National Night Out in October. Community committee to meet before August meeting.     

Education: No report.

Executive: Ronnie is still trying to find a date for all committee chairs to meet.

Old Business

1.    Independence Day Celebration: Karen Pesek reported it was a good turn out! She was applauded for a great job done. There were lots of compliments by event goers. (financial details removed from public site). Said they gave out 200 hand flags. Suggested maybe bring back costume contest.

2.    Marquee: Karen reported she contacted the sign company about installation and was told they the price didn’t include installation. That is handled by a separate company. Still nothing from Keller Signs. Discussion about getting a sign that is bigger and mounting on outside front of existing marquee instead of changing shape of rock part of it. Will cost more and still will need to be installed by another company. Also, she reminded everyone nothing can be done until 3way ownership of sign is handled if chamber is taking the total cost of any changes.


New Business

1.    VTX1 Assistance: Ronnie reported VTX1 has rejoined the chamber and has helped Jourdanton receive Certification and Marketing assistance.

2.    Election of Officers: Directors were set at 13 to include Jane Andrus, Jeff Chicoine, Annie DeLaO, Jack Harrison, Jeannette Harrison, Michele Higginbotham, Susan Netardus, Ronnie Pitts, Karen Rakowitz, Bill Schuchman, Joyce Steinle, Sandy Steinle. Officers nominated include President – Ronnie Pitts; Vice President – Jeff Chicoine; Treasurer – Annie DeLaO; Secretary – Michele Higginbotham. Moved by Susan to accept as presented with Joyce 2nd. Motion passed


Discussion Items.

·         Susan reported Czech Day was beyond successful, sold over 600 plates.

·         Friends of the Library Salad luncheon was very successful.

·         Susan talked about ad for football program. Full page is what we did last year and is $*. She moved to take out full page and seconded by Jeff. Motion passed.

Jeff moved to adjourn, 2nd by Jack. Passed.

Meeting Minutes for 7/18/2023
Jourdanton Chamber of Commerce, Ronnie J Pitts 15 August, 2023
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