Jourdanton Chamber of Commerce - June 20, 2023

Jourdanton Chamber of Commerce

June 20, 2023

The Jourdanton of Commerce met Tuesday, June 20, 2023, at 5:30 pm at the Jourdanton Community Center.

The following were present:

Directors: Mary Cardenas, Jeff Chicoine, Annie DeLaO, Jack Harrison, Jeanette Harrison, Michele Higginbotham, Susan Netardus, Ronnie Pitts, Karen Rakowitz, Bill Schuchman, Joyce Steinle, Sandy Steinle.

Members: Katie Schuchman, Karen Pesek, Wendy Pitts.

Guests: Jimmy Earnst - AEP, Christi Stuebben-Jourdanton Nursing & Rehab. Both new members.

Minutes: Moved by Bill, seconded by Jeff. Passed.

Treasurer’s Report: Details provided on request.  Presented by Annie. Moved by Jeff, seconded by Susan, passed.

Committee Reports

Membership: Jeff - Ribbon cutting for Jourdanton Nursing & Rehab June 23, 2-4.

Community: Michele Excited about getting banners. Karen P – Independence Day Celebration set for July 1, Saturday, 6pm, Most donations coming from all sources. County Judge not paying for hotdogs! Gave donation instead. She had most food lined up, NEEDS VOLUNTEERS. Chamber to handle popcorn.

Education: Ronnie reports tables at pool have completed tables with sponsorship. Have 5 available, QR code on tables for information on sponsorship. Coffee conference this Friday at Sunshine House.

Executive: Committee needs to meet to set budget.

Old Business

Signs on Hwys 97 & 16: One by hospital is bent, needs repair or replaced. Others just need painting? Need leads on who can do what needs to be done to each sign.

Marquee: Karen reported receiving estimate on cost of replacement sign from Stewart Signs at $13,704. Question about installation. Will find out. Nothing received from the Keller Signs.

City Sidewalk Grant Support: Had good response with letters sent to the state.

New Business

Donation to Friends of Library fundraiser: Jeff moved to give $500, 2nd by Bill.

AEP Sponsorship Pledge: Bill moved to allocate the $3000 donation to the Independence Day Celebration once received. Seconded by Jeff. Motion carried.

Nominations for Officers: President – Ronnie; VPresident – Michele; Secretary none yet; Treasurer, Annie?. Directors, same? Need updated list from previous meetings.

Announcements. * Salad Luncheon Thursday, June 22.

President’s Report. * He gave a report on the sidewalk project, change lock on float barn, new members.

Discussion Items. Expansion of table placement program to City Park pavilion. Ronnie is waiting to get information from the company about them releasing tabletops to chamber. Can refurbish them if that happens.

Jourdanton Chamber of Commerce - June 20, 2023
Jourdanton Chamber of Commerce, Ronnie J Pitts 18 July, 2023
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